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Farm Animal Council Expands Promotional Campaign


You’ll be seeing faces of young, caring farmers and ranchers throughout Saskatchewan over the next year… on billboards, buses and benches, in airports – and even on the back of washroom doors!

On May 15, 2014 the Farm Animal Council of Saskatchewan (FACS) launched its ‘Faces of Farming’ campaign, an expanded version of previous years’ efforts to let consumers know that producers are responsible and caring in the raising of their animals. Funding for this project has been provided by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture through the Agriculture Awareness Initiative, a Growing Forward 2 program.

“We’re very excited about our new campaign,” states Adele Buettner, Executive Director of FACS. “Over the next twelve months, the message that ‘we care’ will be transmitted not only on billboards as in years past, but also in the Saskatoon and Regina airports, on buses in Regina, on city benches in Saskatoon, as well as through ‘Captive Audience’ advertising on the back of washroom doors at the University of Saskatchewan, University of Regina and at various Boston Pizza locations throughout the province.”

Joe Kleinsasser, Chair of FACS, emphasizes the importance of consumer education related to farming and the production of food. “Only two percent of Canadians in this day and age have a direct link to the farm,” he emphasizes, “and thus we need to inform people that producers care that their animals are treated ethically and humanely. More and more, consumers want to know that the food they eat is produced responsibly and in a safe and healthy way.”

FACS has repeatedly reinforced ‘we care’ since first featuring billboards with photographs of young Saskatchewan producers in 1996. The annual campaign has become one of FACS’ most anticipated, high-profile and visible activities.

FACS thanks the following for supporting the 2014 multi-commodity campaign: Chicken Farmers of Saskatchewan, Sask Pork, Saskatchewan Bison Association, Saskatchewan Cattlemen’s Association, Saskatchewan Egg Producers, Saskatchewan Horse Federation, SaskMilk, and the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture.

The Farm Animal Council of Saskatchewan (FACS) was established in 1992 to serve as the voice of Saskatchewan producers regarding animal welfare. During its long, respected history FACS has become the only member-based, industry-led non-profit organization advancing animal responsible animal care for livestock and poultry commodities in Saskatchewan.

For more information contact:
Adele Buettner
Executive Director
Farm Animal Council of Saskatchewan Inc.

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