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Farm Animal Council Hosts Inaugural Meetings of Farm & Food Care Saskatchewan Advisory Committee


Soon consumers will have access to one-stop shopping for information on food and farming in the province through Farm & Food Care Saskatchewan (FFC SK).

Since 2011, the Farm Animal Council of Saskatchewan (FACS), whose mandate is to advance responsible animal care, has been investigating the potential of FFC SK, an organization that will encompass both livestock and crop producer groups. FFC SK is modeled on Farm & Food Care Ontario which has been operating successfully in Ontario for two years.

“Farm & Food Care Saskatchewan presents tremendous opportunities for the agriculture industry in the province,” emphasizes Joe Kleinsasser, Chair of FACS. “Considering that less than two percent of Canadians these days have a direct link to agriculture, FFC SK will serve a crucial gate-to-plate link between producers and consumers.”

“Too often, the general public doesn’t understand how their food is grown or how agriculture has changed over the years,” states Adele Buettner, FACS Executive Director. “Neither is there currently one central location in Saskatchewan where consumers can readily access reliable information on food production. FFC SK will represent the people who are passionate about food and farming in Saskatchewan and provide a coordinated effort, expertise and a unified voice on behalf of the whole agri-food sector.”

The vision of FFC SK is that of a coalition of Saskatchewan farmers, ranchers and associated organizations uniting thousands of livestock, crop and horticulture producers, government and related businesses with a common goal to provide credible information on food and farming within the province.

The FFC SK Advisory Committee, hosted by FACS, held their initial meeting June 11 in Saskatoon. The committee was charged with developing the structure and operations of the new organization with an anticipated launch date of December 10, 2014. This date coincides with the inaugural meeting of FFC SK.

Members serving on the FFC SK Advisory Committee include the Saskatchewan Cattlemen’s Association, Saskatchewan Egg Producers, Chicken Farmers of Saskatchewan, Sask Pork, SaskMilk, SaskFlax, Sask Barley, Sask Wheat, SaskCanola, Sask Pulse, the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture, Sask Bison, the Saskatchewan Fruit Growers and FACS.

For more information contact:

Joe Kleinsasser
FACS Chair

Adele Buettner
FACS Executive Director