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Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - January 26, 2015 - When Great Western Brewing says "from the barley up" they mean it. Locally owned and brewed, Great Western has added Farm & Food Care Saskatchewan to their list of locally supported organizations.

"We're longtime champions of Saskatchewan farmers, using only 100% Saskatchewan malted barley in all of our products," says Strat Kane, Chief Commercial Officer. "This partnership was an obvious choice for us, and one that we know perfectly complements our commitment to local."

Farm & Food Care advocates for farmers in Saskatchewan, as well as the consumers by providing education and information about the food grown and raised in the province. The organization connects the farmer to the consumer through programs and events.

"Less than 2% of Canadians have a direct link to farming," says Adele Buettner, spokesperson for Farm & Food Care Saskatchewan. "Now more than ever we want to share with people - the consumers who are getting their food from our farms - what we do and why it matters. It's about connecting people to the roots of where their food comes from."

Great Western recently started developing the partnership program proper, and started with donating to the organization through product sales. Currently, $1 from every six-pack of special brew Harvest Bock sold goes directly to Farm & Food Care.
"This long term commitment isn't just to Farm & Food Care, it's also a commitment to Saskatchewan's dedicated and hardworking farmers, and to the people of Saskatchewan who are interested in knowing where and how our food gets
to the table...or glass," says Kane.

For more information about Farm & Food Care Saskatchewan's programs and appearances, please visit

About Great Western Brewing Company
Great Western Brewing Company brews premium beer with the finest 100% Saskatchewan barley for a taste that's uniquely Western and truly great. Great Western Brewing Company produces three core brand families of beer: Original 16, Great Western Brand Family, and Brewhouse. The company regularly wins international awards for its premium beer and has been repeatedly selected as one of the 50 Best Managed Companies in Canada.

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