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Farm & Food Care Foundation launches The Real Dirt on Farming blog


Dishing the #RealDirt on Canadian food and farming.

We all eat, yet many of us give little thought to where our food actually comes from, what is in it, and who produces it. The newly launched Real Dirt on Farming blog ( aims to connect consumers with farmers and share credible facts on food and farming in Canada.

This site has been developed by the Farm & Food Care Foundation. The national Foundation cultivates appreciation for food and farming in Canada by connecting farm gates to our dinner plates.

Today, less than two per cent of Canadians are farmers - this has led to a huge disconnect between the farm and our dinner plates. The goal of The Real Dirt on Farming blog is to help consumers make informed food choices about the food they're serving their families.

This blog is based on the popular The Real Dirt on Farming booklet (, now in its third edition. The booklet, published last fall, answers Canadians' questions about food and farming and tackles hot topics - like pesticides, antibiotics, hormones and GMOs - head on.

Each week, blog posts will tackle issues that matter, both to consumers and to Canadian farmers. Along the way, readers may even be impressed by stories about some of the cool and funky things happening in agriculture today. The blog will provide a forum for anyone involved in Canadian agriculture - real experts on food and farming - to tell their stories. Bloggers will also profile the stories of real Canadian farmers and others who work in food and farming.

Bruce Christie, Chairman of the Farm & Food Care Foundation, said the blog is designed to "sort fact from fiction, and will dish up the 'Real Dirt' on what it takes to produce safe food for Canadians."

Are you a farmer-blogger interested in being 'spotlighted'? Are you a Canadian farmer with an interesting story to share about a 'Day in (your) life'? Do you work for an agricultural business that supports farmers and want to share what you do in your role? To get involved, send an email to


The Farm & Food Care Foundation cultivates appreciation for food and farming in Canada by connecting farm gates to our dinner plates. Farm & Food Care is a coalition of farmers and associated businesses proactively working together with a commitment to provide credible information and strengthen sustainable food and farming for the future.

For more information:
Kelly Daynard, Farm & Food Care Communications Manager
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