What We Do

WHAT does Farm & Food Care Saskatchewan do?

Farm & Food Care Saskatchewan believes that getting to know farmers and ranchers equals getting to know food. We strive to find new and innovative ways to introduce farmers, ranchers and others involved in food production to their customers and consumers to their food.

Our members represent most of the major agricultural groups in Saskatchewan, along with food processors, agri-business, government and individuals who support our vision of connecting consumers to food and farming.

WHAT do Farm & Food Care Saskatchewan members do in our communities?

Farm & Food Care Saskatchewan members are people who believe in the importance of sharing the good word about modern-day food and farming in the province. We’re farmers and ranchers, business owners and individuals. Just like you, we have families, are involved in the communities in which we live and want to ensure that the food we eat is safe and nutritious.

Every year, we organize a variety of programs to connect you to food production, farming and those who take great care in producing it. We host farm tours, educational events – a lot of fun and interesting activities for the whole family! To find out what’s coming up on the Farm & Food Care Saskatchewan calendar that you may be interested in attending, click here.