WHO are Saskatchewan farmers and ranchers?

Grown with Care by Saskatchewan Farmers and Ranchers: The Ackerman Family

Photo: (L to R) Skylar, Patrick, Donna, Carson, Agnes, Richard and Jackie Ackerman

Photo: (L to R) Skylar, Patrick, Donna, Carson, Agnes, Richard and Jackie Ackerman

Ten kilometres south of Chamberlain on Highway 2, you’ll find PDRA Ackerman Acres, home to three generations of the Ackerman family. The Ackermans have more than 6,000 acres of farmland where they grow wheat, barley, canola, mustard, field peas, lentils and flax. They also have a pedigreed seed business, a seed treating facility and a cleaning plant. Part of their work involves welcoming tour groups.

“Seeing our farm gives people an understanding of what we do and how much we care about what we produce. It’s important to us to ensure that the food we grow maintains its integrity throughout the whole process, from seeding to harvesting and processing. We always have it in the back of our minds that this is food that will end up on someone’s plate.”

When not involved in their work on the farm, Patrick and his wife, Donna, have been active in the Moose Jaw community where their kids have gone to school. Donna volunteers at the school and was on the School Community Council. Patrick served on his local Conexus Credit Union board. Both he and Donna coach curling.

Patrick has also served on several farmer boards, including Sask Mustard and SaskFlax. In addition, the Ackermans have global agriculture connections.

“We process mustard seed for a company in Germany and are involved in the Muddy Boots Program with Unilever Europe focusing on sustainable agriculture and food production. Europeans are very surprised by the amount of technology on Canadian farms. They’re impressed by how Canadian farmers can produce huge amounts of grain in sustainable ways. With the assistance of technology, a farm today can grow three to four times more food than it did 40 years ago. We’re way more productive and have way less impact on the environment than we did in my grandfather’s time.”

Patrick is proud of the work that he and his family do.

“We’re producing food for the earth’s growing population. We’ve shipped containers of food out of our yard to almost every continent. We really are helping to feed the world.”


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