WHO are Saskatchewan farmers and ranchers?

Grown with Care by Saskatchewan Farmers and Ranchers: The Harman Family

Rose and Shawn Harman

Rose and Shawn Harman

The Harmans of Harman Farms have been involved in egg farming for three generations. In 1966, they also got into processing through their Saskatoon-based company Star Egg, where Shawn Harman works alongside his father and sister in the business of grading and packaging eggs. They now farm at the original Humboldt location, as well as at Prince Albert and Steinbach, Manitoba. The eggs from the three farms are shipped all over Western Canada.

“I really enjoy being an egg farmer and helping to manage our processing enterprise,” remarked Harman, Director of Business Development at Star Egg. I have the opportunity for hands-on involvement in the farm, as well as being a part of the marketing and financial planning aspects of our company.”

Food safety is paramount on both the Harman’s farm and in their processing plant. Harman explains further:

“At Harman Farms we adhere to Start Clean-Stay Clean ™, a federal program conducted by the Egg Farmers of Canada which ensures regular testing of eggs for bacteria and salmonella. The program involves maintaining proper sanitation, as well as implementing biosecurity measures to ensure visitors do not bring contaminants onto the farm.”

“Similarly, at Star Egg we have a system to detect bacteria in the wash water and do salmonella swabs on a regular basis. All our eggs go through a sanitizing and cleaning process and we have automated detectors for any eggs that slip through without being thoroughly cleaned, or have cracks.”

The Harmans also make efforts to minimize their environmental footprint. At their processing plant, they’ve established a partnership with Cosmopolitan Industries to recycle plastic and cardboard.

When asked about their greatest accomplishment, Harman doesn’t hesitate.

“A couple of years ago we built a state-of-the-art enriched colony system for their birds at the farm. There’s perches for the chickens, an air quality system that continually pipes in fresh air, and it’s even equipped with LED lights that permit the chickens to see better.”

You’ll find the delicious, nutritious Star Egg brand, produced by the Harman Family with so much care, at Co-op Food Stores throughout the province, as well as at Loblaws, Sobeys, Costco and Walmart.


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