As people with families whose livelihoods and way of life are very close to the land, farmers and ranchers understand more than most the importance of healthy soil, water and air. They live on farms and ranches with their families and depend on the environment to create a healthy place to live as well as the right conditions to grow crops and raise livestock. Through a variety of farm groups, they invest in environmental research and help develop programs to share the latest findings with members.

Recognizing the importance of caring for the environment, in all provinces across Canada a voluntary program called the Environmental Farm Plan is helping farmers audit their operations for environmental concerns and set goals and timelines for improvements. Over 12,000 Environmental Farm Plans have been completed by Saskatchewan farmers and ranchers since 2005.

There are also Government of Saskatchewan supports for farmers available. The Farm Stewardship Program (FSP) provides eligible Saskatchewan producers with financial assistance to implement beneficial management practices (BMPs) to help maintain or improve the quality of soil, water, air, or biodiversity resources. The Farm and Ranch Water Infrastructure Program (FRWIP) supports the development of secure water supplies in Saskatchewan to expand irrigated acres, the livestock industry, encourage rural economic activity and mitigate the impacts of drought.