Talking Agriculture Series with Michele Payn:

Talking Today’s Agriculture: Sharing different view points to connect farm and food.

Do you feel like consumers are speaking a different language? Michele provides a unique and challenging perspective from the other side of the plate. You’ll walk away from this high energy webinar with a greater understanding of the people buying food. She’ll help you be ready to talk about farm size, today’s agricultural practices, organic choices, food waste and more. This webinar will encourage you to consider WHY farmers use practices considering the emotional interests of those outside of agriculture. You will receive a 6.5 step action plan to put to work to connect more effectively around the plate. 

Download the Action Plan template here.

Talking Animal Agriculture: Building understanding about hormones, antibiotics and animal welfare

What is the public’s most common reference point on animals? Likely very different than yours on a farm. Join this thought-provoking webinar to find ways to transparently discuss contentious issues such as animal welfare. Michele will help you build understanding around issues such as housing, hormones and antibiotics. She’ll give you tips on creating an action plan for you to go beyond the choir to more proactively talk about the many issues facing animal agriculture.

Talking Crops: Growing a conversation around GMOS, chemicals and organics

Why don't people just automatically trust farmers? Do you trust what you don’t know? Likely not - and the same is true for people with questions around how their food is raised. Michele will highlight why it’s your job to answer those questions to build trust in today’s farming practices. She’ll help you understand how to discuss contentious issues such as GMOs, chemicals and organic production. This interactive webinar will help you grow a smarter conversation through techniques like better listening and responding with a story, rather than dumping science.


Creating Engaging Messages on Social Media

Adrienne Ivey is back with more wisdom and social media secrets for you to add to your toolbox. With the help of FFC SK Executive Director, and farmer, Clinton Monchuk they will provide you with insights and experiences to help you create effective messages, share your story through pictures and video, build your 'brand' and be positive! This webinar is not platform specific and will provide general information you can apply across all your tweets, posts, pages, blogs, snaps, pics and moments.

Starting on Social Media: Twitter 101

In this webinar, Adrienne Ivey explores the basics of communicating on Twitter, from account set up to building your followers.