Agriculture Month

celebrate agWhat is Agriculture Month?

Why Ag Month? Agriculture Month is a time to celebrate agriculture and share our stories about food and farming. It is proclaimed annually in Saskatchewan, providing the perfect opportunity to connect for those who grow food, and those who love to eat it.

Each October, the agriculture industry works together to tell their chapters of the food story through campaigns, events and programming. Through the celebrations, we hope to help people better understand how Saskatchewan farmers and ranchers raise their livestock and grow their crops, while engaging in authentic conversations with people from around the province. #CelebrateAg

Why do we celebrate?

In Saskatchewan, we have a lot to be proud of. Saskatchewan farmers and ranchers provide the world with plenty of safe, affordable and healthy food. Our scientists develop innovative solutions to meet growing demand for food. And our producers and agribusiness work together to care for the environment we all rely on. Every October, we celebrate these many accomplishments.

Thanks to our Ag Month Sponsors:


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